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Weekday School

Weekday School – The Brown Memorial Weekday School

In operation since 1963, the Weekday School provides a rich variety of experiences and activities for young children in a warm, secure, accepting atmosphere that encourages learning. The school treasures each child and encourages individual esteem and creativity. Morning classes (with opportunity for extended day) are provided for children two through six.

History of the School

The Weekday School is sponsored by the Brown Memorial Woodbrook Presbyterian Church. At the time the church was built, a weekday school was envisioned so that architectural plans contained special accommodations for small children. The school was planned as a service to the local area. Brown Memorial is approved by the MSDE (Maryland State Deparment of Education).


The staff of Brown Memorial Weekday School believes that each child is a unique individual. To fulfill the child’s needs, we provide a rich variety of activities and experiences. We endeavor to create a warm, accepting atmosphere in which the child feels secure and wants to learn. Learning is an ongoing process which begins at home and expands as horizons widen. With the help we seek from parents and by means of a curriculum that is sensitive to individual development, teachers guide each child in growth toward social maturity. It is our hope that each day offers not only challenge without pressure, but also many opportunities for success so that every child leaves school with feelings of contentment and self-esteem.


Applications are accepted for children of any faith, race, color or national origin. We try to ensure that our school and the individual classes are a balanced mix of children of different needs, cultural background, gender, abilities and personalities. The school, however, is not equipped to provide programs for children with special needs. Priority is given to children whose families are members of the church congregation and to children whose families are or have been affiliated with the school. Date of application is also considered.


Play for young children is their work, education and fun. It is one of the most important experiences in total development. Each teacher incorporates the following into the curriculum:

Outdoor Time:

Large muscle activities – running, climbing, bike riding, balancing, digging are necessary to build strong, well-conditioned healthy bodies. There are also many things to learn about science, as seasons change and the children observe their world. Social skills increase as children play together in the freedom of the outdoors.

Rest Time:

A child selects a book to look at while resting on his or her mat. Children learn how to treat books, that books are fun.

Story Time:

This is a great opportunity to widen horizons as well as to facilitate language development. A child learns to listen, a skill which is so necessary for future school success. A child’ reading readiness is enhanced by the appreciation for books developed at story time.

Snack Time:

This is a special time during the day for developing social skills – opportunity to thank our Lord, to talk, to listen to others and to learn. An interesting object may be placed in the center of the table which can spark conversation and new learning.

Music Time:

Music increases language skills, stretches the vocabulary, develops an awareness of and response to rhythm, and best of all, it’s fun!

Free Choice Time:

The child has an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of activities. Here, ways are planned to develop small muscle coordination – wood working, easel painting, puzzles, manipulations and play dough. Dramatic play offers the child a way to identify with adult roles, to cope with frustrations and to experience success. Blocks are particularly advantageous for imaginative play and to invite group participation. Nothing in the program is so relaxing or so conducive to a feeling of well-being as water play. All the creative materials offer the child opportunities for freedom of expression and encourage creative development.

Additional Offerings


Music class with a specially trained instructor is offered for all classes at the Weekday School.

Five Day Classes:

Children in the five day classes are offered additional classes in gym, science, French and art. All of these classes are planned so as to be rich in hands-on experiences and an exchange of thoughts and ideas.


Chapel services are held at appropriate times during the year. As parents, you are invited to attend.

Extended Day:

Extended Day is a service provided for children who are at least 4 years of age. It offers a well-supervised, planned afternoon program on Mondays through Fridays until 2:45. Spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis. An additional fee is required.

Parent Observation Class:

Brown Memorial offers the Parent Observation Class to parents of young children between the ages of two and three. Children must be two by September 30th to enroll. Tuition covers both you and your child.

Mary E. Draper, Director of the School

Mary E. Draper is the Director of Brown Memorial Weekday School. Raised in Chicago, Ill., Mary is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Macalester College, Saint Paul, MN, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Her Master of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in Early Childhood Education is from the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore. She comes to Brown Memorial after serving as Executive Director of The Children of The World Co-op, affiliated with The Johns Hopkins University, since 1996.

Mary’s personal gifts, her broad intellectual grasp, her love of children, and her deep understanding of the philosophy of the School make her a perfect fit at Brown Memorial. Mary has been Director of the school since August of 2002.

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