We commit to living out God’s love through:
  • Compassion
  • Learning
  • Inclusion
  • Faith
6200 N. Charles Street | Baltimore, MD 21212 | 410-377-7232

Kol HaLev

Kol HaLev Synagogue, a Reconstructionist Jewish congregation, began worshipping here in the winter of 2009. Rabbi Geoff Basik is very open to shared activities between the two congregations. Brown Woodbrook and Kol HaLev hold a join Thanksgiving service each fall. Rabbi Basik and Pastor Dale teach joint Bible studies from time to time. The two congregations cooperate on select social action projects. Kol HaLev invites the members of Brown Woodbrook to share a Seder with them in the spring as part of Passover. We keep our doors open to each other.

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