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We support Paul and Pat Stock who are involved in ministry among the “untouchable” Hindu tribes in southern Pakistan. In this area there are thirty tribes with more than one million people. In five of the tribes there are some converts, but no established church among any of them yet.

Paul Stock was born and raised in Pakistan, the son of Presbyterian missionaries Fred and Margie Stock. They have four children Elisha, Ashley, Joel and Jodie (not pictured).

They run a hostel, or residence, for boys in a small town in the Southern province of Sindh. There are currently 70 boys in their hostel, from 6th to 10th grade, whose parents are recent converts from Hindu backgrounds. Paul and Pat nurture and disciple the boys, primarily through Bible teaching. Paul has also been asked to be supervisor of 4 other hostels in the Diocese.

Paul is unusually gifted in putting the gospel message into local music and drama forms. Therefore, in addition to his work in the hostels, Paul works at an Audio Visual Center about 5 miles from where they live. He works with a team of boys who are graduates from the hostel to prepare resources that can be used in evangelism and discipleship of the Hindu tribal peoples. This includes writing and recording Christian songs in the various tribal languages; writing plays and short skits to be performed in the villages; writing Christian tribal dance songs to be performed at weddings and celebrations; and preparing culturally relevant Bible story pictures to be used in teaching the villagers, many of whom cannot read. They go to many villages with this team of boys and current hostel boys to share the Gospel through music, pictures, dance and drama.

Pat has weekly Bible studies with the women in the area and is teaching Sunday School at the local church. She has a team of young men and women who are working with her and being trained by her.

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Paul and Pat Stock
P.O. Box 85
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