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Malawi and Kenya

Lyle and Terry Dykstra have been working in Africa since 2002. For a number of years they taught at the Pastoral Institute at Presbyterian College in Kenya. In 2011, they began working on establishing programs in pastoral care for future pastors in Malawi.

The following is part of an email from the Dysktra’s.  The church is contributing toward the cost of nursing school for the young woman, Micheline Muhima:

Monday, September 05, 2011 4:27 PM

Hello from Malawi,

Below is a portion of an email sent from Rev. John Muhima, Micheline Muhima’s father.

Lyle and I met with Micheline and her father. We paid 3 terms (one year) fees and now she is all set for nursing school at the Presbyterian University of East Africa.  She is a lovely girl. And as for a miracle, it seemed that way as we all experienced God’s grace in the moment we gathered together to pay the school fees and rejoice at God’s goodness.

Micheline’s father was a minister in the Congo.  When he arrived in the area of Nairobi where refugees were staying, he started  an impromptu congregation of refugees. It is going well and he has a vital ministry among his members.


Dear friends,

Hello praise God. I just wanna thank you so much your supports may almighty God bless you with all of your family. Thank you once for taking my daughter as your own daughter. God will bless you for ever.  today she has gone to school they have given her the receipts for is just a big miracle for me.

on 29th on last month i saw a Big miracle because my daughter she not staying at anymore now she is in school. May almighty God bless you Again with all of Generations to come.

Rev. John Muhima


We have been in Malawi four days.  It is evident as we begin to experience this country that it is much poorer than Kenya. However, the people are very hospitable and they have helped us get settled with much care and kindness.

We begin teaching clinical pastoral education Monday the 12th.  Pray that God will use us all in His service.

Blessings and peace, Lyle and Terry

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