• 6200 North Charles Street Baltimore (Towson), Maryland 21212

Baltimore Station

The Mission of The Baltimore Station, Inc. is to provide rigorous self-help programs in a safe, caring residential setting to support men, most of whom are veterans, who are transitioning from the cycle of poverty, substance abuse, and homelessness to self-sufficiency.

All ages in our church are involved with this program of interacting with the members of The Baltimore Station. Al Phillips wrote after one event:

“Thanks again for allowing the residents to explore new things and feel what it is like to be part of a ‘normal’ community. It is extremely powerful to the recovery process for participants to see and be part of social events where family and friends get together to enjoy and support each other, it’s something that money can’t buy…”

The many and growing activities include welcoming them to our church to attend performances of the Woodbrook Players, sharing a work-gardening day, and our Christmas Party, visiting them bringing lasagna dinners which we eat to together, and attending the fund-raising events of The Station. Our members give Christmas gifts and items needed, donate clothing and contribute mission funds for the work of The Station.

As the friendship grows we are continuing to explore new ways in which we can work together and support their programs. For our members, young and old, this brings a greater understanding of the challenges the men face and what being a friend can mean.