• 6200 North Charles Street Baltimore (Towson), Maryland 21212

Garden on the hill

Since 2012, a group of garden minded folk have worked to build vegetable gardens on the grounds of the church. The project was started by running a water line to the top of the hill on the south side of the Campus and then building raised beds for a variety of produce. Members of the church and wider community share in the care of the garden. A large portion of the produce is given to two food pantries in the community. Some produce is shared in the church lobby on a Sunday morning.

The gardening expanded to building a butterfly garden, a preschool garden, planters and some new flower beds and planting on the grounds of the church. The group has worked with members of the Scout troop as they work on their gardening badges. Some of the group helped develop a garden in which preschool children learn and enjoy the art of gardening.

The Garden Group is open to anyone who likes to garden or wants to learn to garden and is willing to share the work.